Do you have a business idea but do not know how to get the capital needed to meet the investment?

Do you feel comfortable sharing your project with us? If your answer is yes, then do not hesitate to contact us for a screening meeting.

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Screening meeting

The purpose of this informal meeting is to let you present your idea and its potential as a business opportunity. At this screening meeting you are expected to be objective, precise and straight to the point, presenting your business idea very clearly. You are also expected to be prepared to answer any questions that will necessarily be placed.

For Start-ups

At the screening meeting you will not only meet us and present your business idea. You may as well expect us to give feedback on the feasibility of your project getting the investment you believe it needs.

It may be that we cannot share with you an opinion right away and that we will have to ask you to do some more additional work to re-visit your case. You should expect us to raise questions and you should be prepared to give us straight and clear answers as difficulties to do so certainly will prevent us from giving sound feedback. Of course, the degree of sophistication of the business idea you are presenting and your detailed knowledge or lack of it, are factors that may influence our response.

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For companies already operating in the market

If you need to attract investors to re-launch your brand or business, or want to accelerate its development, once you have identified opportunities in the market place that you wish to take advantage of, then feel fill out our contact form. We will certainly get in touch with you and will give you an opportunity to share with us your plans.

Whether we are studying business opportunities in relation to start-ups or growth opportunities for businesses already operating in the marketplace,  there is one thing you must always remember: You are expected to prove that your idea is worth and appealing to potential investors.

There is not necessarily a propensity to invest in startups. Certainly, a totally innovative and potentially fast growing project, surely will attract experienced and demanding investors. Likewise, if a company already operating in the marketplace comes up with an innovative approach that contributes to a significant improvement of the quality of its products or services, differentiating them from competitors, certainly will be very appealing to potential investors. The same is valid for the launch of new products or services and likewise for investments that may equip your company with significant competitive advantages over competitors, particularly those that will have a dramatic improvement in your operating margins and therefore will help you gain market share in a profitable way.

The Founder and Team

Whether startups o already operating companies, the skills and competence of the key people involved in the project, which mainly includes the founder and the main elements of his team, are of crucial importance. We must convey confidence and demonstrate credibility to potential investors. Something you should never forget.

Potential for internationalization

Whenever your idea or business demonstrates an interesting potential for internationalization, it will surely be easier to attract the investors you need. One needs to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of his business or business idea, of the target market or markets for internationalization, objectives, strategy, positioning and competitive advantages, not forgetting the swot analysis and timetable of key actions, structure and fund needs. Be prepared and do your homework first.

Investment and Return on Investment

Obviously that when you want to attract investment for a start-up or for supporting the expansion of an already operating business, you have necessary to identify both, the value of the investment needed as well as the areas to which this investment is intended. Furthermore, you should be able to clearly present what your projections for the return on the investment and the database for these calculations.

An investment in a start-up for example, can be a high-risk investment. An investor can make millions or even lose everything he has invested. Therefore, you are expected to present a well sound idea or project, being objective and realistic, equipped with serious and well-founded estimates, otherwise, you will not succeed in attracting investors.

The investor profile you want

The screening meeting or any other meetings that may occur thereafter, should also be an opportunity for you to meet and learn about the potential investors in your business. The better you know them, the better your evaluation about their competencies and to what extent these can be an asset to the success of your project.

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