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Portugal, Portugal, Portugal

Portugal - European Champion Actually, whether with criticism or not, football is still the most popular sport in Europe and most parts of the world, mobilizing fans and passions. Portugal are Euro 2016 Champions! What a great feeling of

We have no Trade Union!

The day dawned bright and sunny. During breakfast, I did repeat that wonderful cereal, bread available in most hotels in Germany, this one a very small one near the previous border between West and East Germany. What a huge variety they have.

Good Communication in Business

Good Communication in Business I venture to say that the vast majority of problems in business are related to communication: - Good, less good, non-existent... but always communication, or lack of it. What are the pillars upon which effective

No one motivates me in my company

No one motivates me in my company How do I keep my fellow co-workers highly motivated? If one could achieve high motivation levels through salary increases, higher commissions, easy to achieve bonuses and many countless fringe benefits, getting


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