The consulting services I will be able to offer you is focused on the development of your business since you may lack the time required for the analysis of market trends in your industry, for studying and understanding the competition, for defining or re-defining the strategy and your company´s differentiation factors, to clear establish what the added value of your products or services to your customers are, to in-depth analysis of your results and to establish action plans designed to improve them, among possibly many other things.

Are you the owner or the director of a small and medium size company?

If the answer is yes, then surely that all your available time is devoted to essential and important activities related to your business. The demands of everyday life are constant and the time to analyze and think about your business, decide on alternative strategies, improve processes and performance systems, amongst other things are simply not enough.

A consultation at your service for the development of your business, based upon experience, knowledge, supported by a track record of successful management of small, medium and large companies, in Portugal and in the World.

How can I help you develop your business?

– Add value and support you with the development of your company towards a path of sustained growth.

The consulting work can start by analyzing your current business situation, identifying areas for improvement, deepening knowledge of the challenges it faces, proposing alternative initiatives and ways to find new and better solutions to overcome difficulties, from internal processes that may result in more productive human resources in several areas, particularly in those that have a direct impact on the top line growth of your business.

The strategy, structure, sales and operations management, human resources and financial management are key areas in the life of a company like yours.

It is a fascinating work to support multiple clients in different projects. Turning ideas into action in order to contribute to positive improvements, in results that translate into a positive change that lasts and that is reflected in continuous improvement of the overall performance of your company. Moreover, to monitor these changes and adjust the measures taken and implemented, will help to consolidate the processes that will allow you to take your business into a path of sustained growth.

Consultoria e negocios Portugal e estrangeiro

Many years ago, at the beginning of my professional life, I learned a maxim that has become part of my DNA, “Brilliance comes through execution.” In my national and international experience, I have been presented over the years with many plans who would score 100%, I have watched many PowerPoint presentations that would blush the most talented professional designer, however, most of them have never jumped out of the paper, I mean, have never been executed.

The services we can offer you will be aligned with my DNA – Challenge and Rigor, Competence and Integrity, Effort, Dedication, Responsibility and Excellence and above all proposals that are executable, implementable, which bring results and contribute to the growth of your company.

Whatever the challenge, I will offer you an unparalleled experience of decades, involved in the development of businesses in Portugal and worldwide across over 30 countries, where I had executive responsibilities and chairmanship of boards of directors in Europe, including Eastern Europe, Asia and South America and over a period also with cumulative responsibilities as International Marketing Director in a business sector that was present in more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

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