Very basic however, often forgotten: For startups to be successful besides a brilliant idea, you need to be certain about the business model you will adopt and carefully prepare a business plan.

Do you have your own internal financial resources or do you need external financing,  any kind of business funding from sources outside your company, such as bank loans, investments from private individuals or investment firms, etc.?

What are the various financial support programs that are available for startups and to those individuals that desire and dream about setting up their own business?

The partners I am working with, are at your full disposal to support you with your startup from the very early stages, i.e. even before you set up your company, helping you prepare your business plan, discussing with your funding needs and opportunities, supporting you set up your company and during the launch phase and further on, in sales and marketing activities, design and web design, SMM and SEO, accounting, training and development of human resources or identifying the resources you need. During the development phase of your company or business, we are able to offer you other services and support, whether consulting services, interim management or coaching and in any other area for which highly trained and experienced professionals are at your disposal.

Gedja Finance offers your general and analytical accounting services. Invaluable tool as a base for sound financial information. General accounting and regular and timely analysis, is essential to evaluate the results of your business against plan and to support you in the decision making process. Expert accountants offer you essential, reliable and timely information, that ensures at each moment a true representation of how your business is performing. If you receive timely and regular information about how your business is performing you have the opportunity to check it up, analyze it and take effective measures to correct unfavorable deviations or to take advantage of better than planned results.

EU funds, as an example, are financial instruments that help you develop and expand your business. Our experience in the various existing incentive systems in Portugal makes us the ideal partner for you. We propose you an integrated solution, consulting and expert assistance, at all stages of the process, from the application through to management and execution of the financed project.

At Gedjaweb we offer you tools to support the visibility of your business or brand with the aim to boost the number of potential customers and consequently the growth of your business! We help you capitalize upon the strength of your image and do it with harmony and authenticity!

We are able to support you in the following areas:

  • Branding, Re-branding and Graphic Design
  • Creating websites for startups or companies that do not have an online presence
  • Online store
  • Continuous promotion of your company on the Internet, ensuring high visibility, through the most advanced SEO and Content Marketing techniques
  • Social Media Marketing in social networks, such as, Facebook, twitter and google +

If you already have an online presence and are not satisfied with the return on your investment, our designers and programmers are available to work with you on Rebranding and other forms of communication offline, and online initiatives such as the redesign or refreshment of your Web site, review of its content and digital marketing strategy, as examples, with the desire to support your brand or business to reach a larger audience at your target client base. This will undoubtedly increase your business opportunities and will feed the growth of your company.

Quartz Quality is a service company in Portugal that provides washroom and hygiene solutions, focusing on preventing solutions that are designed to improve the levels of Health, Well-being and Comfort of all users of public or company owned washroom facilities. Quartz Quality has been already a reference in Portugal in this service sector, offering state of the art services, supported by the quality of the systems and products it uses as well as to the qualified and professional competence of its employees.

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Ideia plano acção

The truth of the matter is, as demonstrated above, we have a set of skills and competencies that we can put at your service to help you wade through the sometimes tortuous and difficult path of the launch phase and future development of your business.

More about startups

When you think startup, never forget that having a business idea and execute it are two very distinct steps. The implementation phase will hardly be successful without the execution of good planning, including market sector analysis where you want to operate, target customers, positioning against other players, competitive advantages, strategy and objectives, allocation of human and financial resources, key actions and timetable… yes, if you want to succeed your homework has to be done.

Let me just share with you some essential steps you need to consider when preparing a business plan:

  • Executive summary;
  • Company history and / or history of the entrepreneurs responsible for the project;
  • Market sector analysis where you will operate;
  • Basic idea for your start-up and your positioning in the marketplace;
  • The Project, the product or service (or product idea or service)
  • Business strategy;
  • Financial Projections;
  • Management and control of business
  • What is the investment required
  • Your projections for the return on investment of the project


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