I am not motivated!

“I do not feel motivated. My boss does not motivate me. Why should I put in the effort? What’s in it for me? They pay me exactly the same! If I do more than what has been asked of me, I will get strange looks! They treat everyone the same way, regardless of what everyone does! They do not care, arrive late or leave very early, why should I worry? If I could leave… Today there are neither good employees nor good bosses! There are still some people that work hard and give all they have got, but honestly, I cannot figure it out why they do it?! “

And much more is heard nowadays.

No motivation

Não me sinto motivado


Very often we hear over and over again the famous quote from John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country! “

Digressing a bit without going off too far, I get impatient when I hear politicians repeatedly challenge their fellow citizens with this quote. It does not look nice. Firstly, because the truth of the matter is that all politicians of our generation have responsibility for the state of things today; secondly, because I cannot recognize in any of our politicians, even with all the efforts of the world, the qualities of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, such as character, charisma, entrepreneurship, visionary, transformative, challenging and energizing, even with all its weaknesses, as he had some as well.

J.F. Kennedy knew that it is within us that the mobilizing driving force is born, giving us the energy needed to overcome difficulties and to overcome challenges, to turn what it seems big obstacles into negligible ones. That is why JFK underlined in another part of his speech: “In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or the failure of our course”


It is not for anyone else but myself the decision to feel or not to feel motivated. This is a skill that I cannot delegate to anyone else. It is wonderful to feel that no matter what is happening around me, the decision is mine. Even knowing that I cannot always take the decision I feel l should at the moment, I am aware and a firm believer that, sooner or later the decision is mine – I decide!

I decide that waking up in the morning feeling healthy after a good night’s sleep, makes me happy and gives me strength to face another day of work. And because I love what I do, I feel motivated and happy. At the end of each day I feel tired and shattered, however, in 99% of the cases I experience a nice sense of accomplishment.

I do not let the challenges, difficulties or other matters divert me from what has to be achieved. If I do it, then I am doing it consciously and in a controlled manner.

If I do not feel happy, then I change! The decision is mine! I am the force.

We must not fall into the trap of thinking that others are responsible for the way we feel. That others are responsible for our decisions or our own motivation. If from time to time, we let them affect us, because we do, then we are always aware that the decision not to allow those moments to prolong themselves in time is ours.

We are not mere pawns dropped on a chessboard by others. We are, instead, People that make the difference, people that are not afraid of a fight or challenges, people that faces tough circumstances with courage and determination, people who believe in themselves and, above all, people who know that the key, the solution, is always within us!

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